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Our History

The Wilderness story began in the 1870s, when Henry Schwethelm and his wife received a land grant of several thousand acres on the unpaved wagon trail from Kerrville to Fredericksburg.  Henry Schwethelm was a pioneer Kerr County rancher and was also an early Texas Ranger.  The land grant occupied the highest point of land between Kerrville and Fredericksburg and included the upper reaches of Wolf Creek, one of the tributaries of the Pedernales River.

The ranch passed through two generations to Harry Schwethelm, Senior, a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot and Kerrville Savings and Loan executive who became the fourth generation of the Schwethelm family to own the Double Anchor Ranch.  Harry and his wife, Happy, began developing The Wilderness in 1969, starting with fifteen spaces for mobile homes and the original club house and pool.  Early residents loved the location, which offered quiet and seclusion among native trees, and yet was only six minutes from downtown Kerrville.  One of the initial residents stayed for thirty years.

In 1999 Harry and Happy turned The Wilderness over to their three grown children, Harry Junior, Sue Steele, and Jan Phillips.  The younger Harry, Sue, and Jan manage and operate The Wilderness just as their parents did, treating the property as a long term investment that must always be maintained as a first class living environment.  

The members of the second generation to own and manage The Wilderness also understand, as their parents did, that the Park's rules are for the benefit of all residents, and support the spirit of community which has always made The Wilderness a special place.

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